Seaductive Kayak Rentals

Your adventure awaits!

This is a new and growing, Kayak rental company in the Columbia Basin area. The main objective is to make it affordable for the Kayak enthusiast to be able to rent Kayaks without breaking your wallet. Recently paddle boards and a tandem kayaks have been added to rent also. This is a independently owned company, so if you need a Kayak over night, five days or whatever we can work with you.


8’ Kayak

$35 for half day

10’ Kayak

$35 for half day

Paddle Boards

$40 for half day

Tandem Kayak

$70 for half day

More to know.....

Kayaks-8' holds around 225 lb. and 10' holds around 275 lb. Some of the kayaks have pole holders for fishing.

Along with a photo I.D., there is a $100 deposit for up to three kayaks, refunded when returned. 

FSD (flotation safety device) are provide upon request I am not liable or responsible for anything that happens to you or the kayaks once they leave my possession. 

I suggest watching a kayak safety video at

Happy Kayaking!!

Business Hours

We can work with you, just ask! 

From a day to 5 days overnight, we want you to be able to enjoy kayaking .

Monday - Sunday

Appointments only


709 N. Road 50
Pasco, WA




[email protected]